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Focus Suites Solutions & Services Pvt. Ltd. focuses on providing Market Research support services that helps Client to transform the data into decision making tools. At FSPL we have the necessary technology, advanced data analytical capability and industry expertise-based business intelligence that creates high-levels of quantifiable business value to customers. We have project and process exposure across a range of business sectors like Consumer Goods, Finance, Insurance, Retail, FMCG, Telecom, Automobiles, Office Equipment, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare.

Data Cleaning and Validation

Data validation/checking is an essential part of any process that involves large volumes of data. To make certain the quality of data, validation (cleaning) of data is done by using SPSS. Our qualified data validation professionals make sure that the data does not contain any unwanted codes, errors or inconsistencies. The data is edited using various logical checks as per the questionnaire and study objectives provided by the client and corrected as per the client's feedback.

Data Conversion

We have the capability to convert Market research data into various formats and we use various tools and software such as SPSS and Ms-Excel. On specific requests we provide the data in Comma separated values (CSV) or tab separated values (TSV).

We have the capability of converting data from one format to another format such as:

  • Excel format to ASCII (either single card ASCII file or Multi card file).
  • ASCII data into SPSS format or excel
Data Tabulation

We provide Data Analysis for Web surveys, Paper and Pencil surveys and CATI/CAPI studies. The data collected from the Survey is validated and analyzed to generate tables in client-specified formats like Word, Excel or PowerPoint to interpret the results of the survey and present it to the client. Data Tabulation service covers Data Analysis, Tabulation and Cross-Tabulation using WinCross and SPSS.

Open Ended Coding and Charting Services
  • Set-up studies
  • Developing code frames and code lists
  • Coding Open Ends and Other details
  • Deliverables that suit clients’ ad-hoc requests
Advanced Statistical Analysis
  • Simple/Multiple Linear Regression
  • Correlation / Regression Analysis
  • Perceptual mapping using Discriminate Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Multi-Dimensional Scaling
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Missing Value Analysis
  • Binomial Tests, Fishers Tests, Chi-square Tests


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