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:: Bangkok Facility

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Conference room with One-way viewing Mirrors.

  1. Two Specially designed Focus Group Rooms
  2. Flexi seating option – Our Focus Rooms Have a flexi seating option. We could make it a large conference table with executive chairs or it could be a casual sofa seating with a coffee table set-up
  3. Seating capacity of up-to 12 people in a conference room setup.
  4. Video Recording Facility
  5. Video Streaming facility

Observation Room Facility with One Way Mirror

  1. Seating for up-to 8 observers
  2. One Way Mirror
  3. Wireless headset for clear listing of the group
  4. Wi-Fi Access

Client Lounge

  1. A large client lounge which accommodates up-to 20 clients
  2. CCTV Connect with Plasma Screen for the viewing of the group
  3. Wireless headset  
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