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Focus Suites has launched Eye Tracking Tool (VAERM - Visual Attention and Emotional Response Measurement tool. )

Typical Market Applications comprises of :

• TV Ad pre-test
• In store point of sale ( POS ) & Shelves
• Outdoor Advertisements
• Movie /TV product placements & Trailer Advertisements
• Flash Banners & Websites ( For Web applications )

It is known that a significant percentage of all decisions throughout life are based on emotions – only afterwards people rationalize buying decisions based on cognitive thinking and facts. Based on among others pupil dilation, blinks and gaze properties, This tool measures the immediate emotional response. In other words it goes behind the so called curtains of consciousness and is a perfect complement for subjective methods such as focus groups, in-depth interviews and traditional surveys.

With Attention Tool, you can accurately determine Visual Attention for an individual or a group of respondents who have been exposed to a video clip. The respondent is exposed to a stimuli (Typically a print advertisement / hoarding advertisement / video clip) whilst their gaze data is continuously captured and saved for later analysis.

It is ideal for use in pretesting of packaging and print ads and helps the advertiser understand how consumers decode and absorb the information of an add It thus shows if ads are able to create the desired emotional impact among readers.
In addition this tool is the world’s most advanced eye tracking software to measure where the respondents are looking, for how long, in what order etc. Apart from the Emotional Involvement (arousal), the analysis module delivers fully automated results in form of a Spotlight Analysis and a Highlight Analysis.
These results can instantly be delivered in a report in different formats (PDF, HTML, XML, PowerPoint or Word) and afterwards emailed to the advertiser. All in all an extremely fast and efficient tool to measure packaging and advertising performance before the products and ads get into the market.


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