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Focus Suites have its international CATI centre which allows us to dial anywhere in the world and conduct in -language telephonic interviews.

  • Computer Telephony Integration allows software to automate much of the interviewers work
  • Software handles complex branching, skips and response piping
  • Software automates hard/soft and/or interlocking quotas
  • Centralized data collection allows for greater control over interviewers and supervisors and higher control over quality
  • Software produces disposition reports at the end of every study allowing the researcher to determine incidence and non-response of refusal bias that may skew the data
  • Reliability of data is ensured through a proprietary method of voice recording
  • Voice files are saved to the number dialed, interviewer name and date for easy reference.
  • Eliminates the need for data entry, since data is entered directly into the computer
  • Output files can be any flat-file format, ASCII, excel or SPSS labeled output as desired.
  • There is no requirement for scrutiny or validation programs since the CATI program blocks such errors.
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