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There are two types of employment background OR verification which Focus Suites undertakes:

Pre Employment – Background verification is done before the candidate joins the clients place as per the client’s requirement.

Post Employment – Background verification is done after the candidate joins the clients place as per the client’s requirement.

Focus Suites Employee Background Checks comprises of :

  • Education Verifications: Educational qualifications are one of the most important and common component found on the Applicant’s application. We in Focus Suites verify the education details by contacting the educational Universities and institutions directly to verify certificates given by the candidates.
  • Employment Verifications: Employment verifications is extremely important as the Employees form the spinal cord of any organization. Employment Verification is recommended for all employees. We in Focus Suites verify employment verifications by conducting telephonic interviews with existing or previous employers details, date of employments, job titles, salaries, and reasons for leaving, eligibility for re-hire, overall job performances and any other helpful information an employer may provide.
  • Address Verifications: Focus Suites Investigators visits physically to the addresses provided by the candidates to authenticate the information’s. The particulars such as Verifiers name, relationships, ownership details, types (i.e. present or previous) Period of Stays(POS), of the addresses are verified, Neighbors’ are also approached for validating the verifications.
  • Reference Verification: An experienced and well trained Investigator will contact colleagues, coworkers or other references listed on the applicant’s resume to obtain an assessment of the applicant’s capabilities, character and work record. Our investigator will ask questions pertaining to the reference’s relationship with the applicant, length of time known, any joint work experiences, and overall character of the applicant telephonically.
  • Criminal Verification: Focus Suites Investigators contacts local jurisdictional police stations to verify candidate’s credentials. Also existing judiciary databases are checked for any criminal cases registered in the name of the employees. Criminal Record Checks obtain and review records from Police Station, criminal & civil courts and State and Municipal law enforcement agencies to determine if the candidate was a witness, victim, suspect or perpetrator of any crimes.
  • Driving License Verification: Getting records from Regional transport offices, we verify the Candidate’s Name, Father’s name, Date of Birth, Driving License number, Date of Issue and Authority name who has issued the driving license are genuine or not and also we verify if there is any records against the Subject registered e.g.; drink & drive or accident, etc.
  • Identity Verification: Validate the authentication of the documents issued by the government to the candidate such as PAN card, Electoral ID card and Ration card.
  • Drug Test Verification: Focus Suites have been tied up with some reputed Hospitals where the verification is been conducted through Clinics or Laboratory to check if any consumption of drugs. Drug screening can help to reduce work place accidents and provide all employees with a drug free working environment. Highly recommended for employees working with equipment or in situations where mistakes could result in injury or loss of life.
  • Passport Verification: Validate the authentication of the Passport by verifying the name, Passport number, date of issue and expiry by the issuing authority.
Company contracts with Clients for the Court Check to help them deal with the responsibilities that can overwhelm their Human Resource Departments. By selecting Court Check as your pre-employment screening partner ( FSPL ) you will save time and money by ensuring that you hire the best candidates, with the least risk, in a fast efficient manner.


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