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:: Quantitative Market Research

Focus Suites offers a full range of market research fieldwork services and use both qualitative and quantitative techniques to provide research solutions that add strategic values.

We have offered and conducted in past a broad range of business and consumer research experience across all sectors and our applications include tracking customer satisfaction levels, identifying factors that drive customer loyalty, understanding relationships/engagements and all forms of ad-hoc research into brands, products and services.

We strongly believe “Good quantitative research goes beyond the recitation of numbers, graphs to abstract and distill truly the actionable insights from pages of raw data.”

  • Online telephonic surveys
  • Computer aided telephonic interviews ( CATI )
  • Telephone interviews
  • Mail surveys
  • Face to Face interviews
  • In-Depth interviews
  • Mall Intercepts
  • Computer aided personal interviews
  • Diary Studies


Quantitative Market Research
 Qualitative Market Research
 Computer Aided Telephonic    Interviews
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