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:: Recruitment

  • ALL Our Panel members voluntarily and actively indicate that  they wish to be on the FSPL panel.
  • A double opt-in recruitment process is used. This procedure requires the respondent to initiate an approach to FSPL, we then reply confirming the panel details and double check that the respondent is who they seem to be and that they do wish to join. The respondent then replies to complete the double opt-in and joins the panel. In the event that we already have email addresses for potential panelists, we would start with an email from us followed by the panel member replying or visiting our web site to enroll.
  • FSPL retains documentary proof (either hard copy or electronic) of each panel member’s agreement to join the panel. Including from what type of source their name and e-mail address was obtained including, where relevant, the web site from which they were invited to join the panel. Respondents who have been actively recruited through a traditional sampling approach and invited to join the panel are identified. An overall analysis of type of recruitment source for the active panel or for any sample drawn from it is available.
  • FSPL has documented procedures for checking that new panel members are not already panel members and thereby avoid duplication in the panel.
  • On recruitment all panel members  provide a set of basic descriptive information about themselves in order that the representation of the panel can be assessed and that targeted or stratified sample can be drawn. The variables collected all have valuable roles in strategies to avoid duplication or clarify individual identity, stratification of samples for research projects, and weighting strategies to counter heavy user bias.

We collect over 30 respondent  variables we collect including:

  • Sex
  • Level of education
  • Household size
  • Region
  • Location (postal code + house number)
  • Age (date of birth)
  • Presence of children in household
  • Working status
  • Weight of internet usage (hours per week)
  • Type of internet access
  • Durable Ownership

Current Coverage

  • Consumer
    In total we have some 100,000 households comprising over 350,000 individuals cross India
  • Business
    We have over 70,000 B2B respondents, all above General Manager level with over one fifth of them being C-Suite level executives. These panelists are across Industries.


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