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Healthcare Research Practice

We at Focus Suites Solutions pride ourselves on listening to our clients requirements and coming up with strategic solutions to help them meet their marketing research objectives. The high value strategic fieldwork, we provide is based on our extensive experience in the industry and our cutting edge fieldwork techniques. 

When it comes to healthcare, we are an agency specialized in primary healthcare market research data collection and high quality recruitments. We have an excellent reputation, known around the world for our quality and expertise in the pharmaceutical sector fieldwork activities. 

Strategic Fieldwork Partner, Trusted Ally in primary healthcare fieldwork

The healthcare industry is undergoing at an unprecedented period of change, movements and growth. Today’s healthcare scenario calls for new approaches, fieldwork strategies, and strategic partnerships. Focus Suites is one of the largest independent primary healthcare team, making a difference to meet the objectives and the need for change. We address and support fieldwork needs through quantitative, qualitative, online applied research and innovative solutions like usability and eye tracking that endure.

Value add to the Healthcare Research Companies & Healthcare Consulting Companies 

The major work we do involves strategic fieldwork support for individual healthcare organizations and agencies. In addition, as an independent organization dedicated to contributing to the public good, we also use our expertise to benefit the entire healthcare community through our fieldwork approach

 Focus Suites start with the initiative of helping the client clearly identify the objectives, methodologies, visions or end states, then conduct a highly disciplined granular targeted exercise to sequence all of the key activities, operational and business processes, and critical interfaces that encompass all stakeholders of the project . The client is involved throughout the process and single point of contact is shared with the Client during the entire project; Focus Suites serves as an objective partner- facilitator and subject-matter expert in the Concept of Operations planning, execution and findings - top line summary. 

An Independent Integrated Approach 

We bring impartiality and critical thinking thought process to each fieldwork assignment. Our multi-disciplinary and bilingual teams of forward thinking project managers and experts leverage years of practical field experience and “best practices”.

We promptly strive to address issues, highlights, challenges and concerns with effectiveness, efficiency, and real-time practicality to each fieldwork assignments. Focus Suites combined market research skills and expertise helps our clients achieve their mission of providing quality healthcare having a unique perspective of the public and private sectors of the healthcare environment.

Improving the Healthcare Fieldwork Process 

We constantly strive to improve the fieldwork strategies and process so that we serve our Clients in better fashion


We maintain an exclusive online panels across all medical specialties, KOL's, patients and patient care takers. For international studies we work closely with clients and agencies in many countries.  Focus Suites offers the largest verified, opted-in physician, KOL’s and patients panel in the healthcare industry. Panel participants are from various healthcare specialists who have agreed to take part in medical and pharmaceutical market research studies conducted online and offline by Focus Suites. 

Focus Suites offers access to a continually expanding online panel of patients, care takers and healthcare professionals in India, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong, now expanding in Australia and Japan.

Continuing Excellence

We have worked with various Advisory, Market Intelligence, Market Research Clients, Media Agencies and Consulting Companies in the world over assisting them with Quantitative, Qualitative and Online research methodologies in Asia Pacific and Middle East Region. 

Focus Suites has served Clients from advertising agencies, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, FMCG/CPG companies, retail companies, automotive companies, telecom service providers, media companies, governments, cooperatives, consumer durables, banking, insurance and finance companies, technology companies and also in many other diverse industries. 

Our Vision Mission Goal: 

“We envisage strengthening the primary healthcare market research and operations in Asia Pacific and MENA Region. Although we are spread across only nine countries but we do conduct research across twenty three countries ( viz. In Asia Pacific : India, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia and Sri Lanka and In Middle East Region : UAE, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt ) and wish to add more by end of 2010”



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